One Beverly Hills

One Beverly Hills will be a dynamic mixed-use development unlike any other on the West Coast. A seven-hectare site that is home to the Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills hotels.

Green hotel

A unique component of One Beverly Hills is the Luxury Hotel & Residences. The hotel will feature 42 all-suite luxury rooms, 37 residences and a fine dining public restaurant.

The Luxury Hotel & Residences on Wilshire feature carefully planted balconies to blend with the landscape.

"In its beginnings, Beverly Hills was agricultural flat land – a green oasis that fed a growing urbanity. A century later, we have seized on this inspiration to create an organic architecture that merges with landscape, a large part of which is publicly accessible, creating a shared resource for the city,”

-Norman Foster funder of Foster + Partners.

One Beverly Hills

Foster + Partners


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