The Pinnacle at Central Wharf

The Pinnacle reconnects Downtown Boston with the waterfront and advances the Climate Ready Boston initiative through significant sustainable and resilient design elements.


“For the Pinnacle at Central Wharf, we worked hard to create a form that responds to the city of Boston. The building’s elegant rounded composition steps back in a series of scaled stacked volumes. It’s massing is emphasized by the façade’s simple vertical expression, which also diffuses sunlight and wind for a more comfortable experience on the ground plane. Dramatic openings at the base activate the area’s newfound public space and participate in a contextual dialogue of entry along Atlantic Avenue and the Rose Kennedy Greenway.”

Trent Tesch, Design Principal, KPF

Welcome to a destination buzzing with activity, people and new energy. A place for everyone in Boston and beyond to visit and enjoy.

The Pinnacle - Elevating Boston

The Pinnacle



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