Reinforcing Royal Caribbean’s brand with an iconic design inspired by cruise ships, the $300 million campus will be at the southwest corner of Dodge Island. It will bring together employees currently working in two separate office buildings and temporary spaces. Proximity to the cruise terminals and ships in Biscayne Bay will foster connectivity and a strong sense of identity.

“Informed by the modern design and playful nature of Royal Caribbean’s ships, the building flows up from the water’s edge,”

-Kenneth Drucker, Global Design Principal at HOK. “


Inspired by the hospitality-oriented and experience-driven cruise industry, the interior environment supports the brand’s ethos. An open plan for most of the workplace floors will facilitate collaboration among different departments with a variety of technology-enhanced meeting spaces. The building’s boomerang shape allows  natural daylight to reach deep into the floor plates. Interior stairs connecting each floor follow the building curves, promoting wellness and collaboration.

Royal Caribbean



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